Communications in Number Theory and Physics

Journal: Communications in Number Theory and Physics


natural numbers are universal

If we expect advanced aliens to know the natural number sequence then humans didn’t invent numbers, we discovered them.

If numbers are a human discovery then so are their mathematical relationships.

If mathematical relationships are discoveries not inventions then they’re natural laws.

1+2=3 is a natural law.

This is not insignificant.

H-theorem in quantum physics

“Remarkable progress of quantum information theory (QIT) allowed to formulate mathematical theorems for conditions that data-transmitting or data-processing occurs with a non-negative entropy gain. However, relation of these results formulated in terms of entropy gain in quantum channels to temporal evolution of real physical systems is not thoroughly understood. Here we build on the mathematical formalism provided by QIT to formulate the quantum H-theorem in terms of physical observables.

G. B. Lesovik, A. V. Lebedev, I. A. Sadovskyy, M. V. Suslov & V. M. Vinokur, “H-theorem in Quantum Physics“, Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 32815 (2016).



that the rate of expansion of the universe is related to the rate of increase in the complexity of the mathematical properties of the natural numbers from 1 to ∞


a quantum mechanical derivation of π

Quantum Mechanical Derivation of the Wallis Formula for


prime numbers and freezing in disordered physical systems

#maths and #physics are based on the same fundamental properties


topological phases of matter

#maths and #physics are based on the same fundamental principles